Members of the Morse Waterways Association (MWA) is organizing its 15th annual lake clean-up on Saturday, July 20 from 8 a.m. until noon. Volunteers are needed along the waterfront, in the water at the shoreline, and on boats and personal watercraft to gather the debris and bring it to Red Bridge Park for removal. Boats/personal watercraft of any type are needed and appreciated.
All residents are encouraged to remove and haul larger logs from in front of their property or elsewhere to the southern-most dock at Red Bridge Park, just south of the kayak launch. They may be delivered as early as Thursday, July 18, and must be securely tied to the dock or shore so they can’t float out.
Volunteers pull logs out of the lake, use chain saws to cut the logs into manageable pieces to be placed in the dump trucks and hauled away. These logs will be taken to Green Cycle in Noblesville to be recycled as mulch. Other volunteers will work along the shoreline to remove smaller tree limbs and debris and load these on a trailer to be hauled to the Red Bridge location or to the Town burn site. Last year, volunteers collected more than 10 dump trucks full of logs and debris.
Volunteers should wear old clothes and footwear and plan to get wet and dirty while making a remarkable difference that can be seen and felt. The annual clean-up is a collaborative effort between the MWA, Town of Cicero, and many volunteers who take part in the effort each year. To participate in this half day beautification effort that benefits all who live around the lake and/or for more information, contact Art Hall, or