STATE HOUSE — State Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) today presented Senate Bill 338 in the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services.
SB 338 would require pharmaceutical manufacturers to finance a statewide drug take-back program for all prescription drugs. The bill would also transfer the powers of administering drug take-back programs from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy to the Indiana State Department of Health and would establish the Drug Take-Back Fund.
“Our state’s current take-back program just isn’t capable of handling the amount of unused prescription drugs in our communities,” Merritt said. “We need a statewide plan that gives people in rural, suburban and urban areas take-back options year-round. I’m glad we started this discussion today, and I look forward to continuing to look into this new approach to take-back programs.”
The City of San Francisco and the state of Massachusetts also use this tactic in confronting the opioid epidemic.