This year’s summer Midwest Writers Workshop, July 28-31, 2021, will again be held online (using video conference technology). We have designed an online version of MWW that offers plenty of instruction, networking, and the sense of community that makes MWW so special. Wherever you’re located, plan to attend our 48th writers’ conference!
“A total of 23 sessions, via Zoom video conferencing, offers a variety of content determined by the individual faculty member and features lecture, possibly prompt work, and vital, informative, enjoyable discussions that build your skills as a writer,” explains director Jama Kehoe Bigger. MWW21 features a remarkable faculty who know their stuff, providing information for both aspiring and practicing writers at all stages of their journey.
The renowned faculty includes: Angela Jackson-Brown (fiction); Jessica Strawser (fiction/suspense); Jay Coles (young adult); Pam Mandel (nonfiction/memoir); Silas Hansen (nonfiction/essays); Chadwick Gillenwater AKA “Professor Watermelon” (children’s); Allison Joseph (poetry); Dirk Manning (comics).
MWW21 also has a private Facebook Group for camaraderie and to build connections with other participants and faculty.
Can’t attend all the sessions live? No problem. MWW provides archival video access to ALL attendees for ALL sessions and the content from other faculty members, allowing you to audit other sessions at your convenience during MWW21 and for the following three months.
It’s important to keep our MWW writing community as active as we move forward from this pandemic and that’s why this online version of MWW can be more important than ever to helping nurture aspiring and accomplished writers to improve their craft and achieve their publishing goals. Register: