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Mike Corbett
Photo provided Mike Corbett
Mike Corbett filled out paperwork on Wednesday morning to officially enroll as candidate for Noblesville Mayor in the 2019 Republican primary. Wednesday was the first day of the filing period.
“What an honor to raise my hand and declare my candidacy,” said Corbett. “I’m looking forward to a stimulating and informative campaign season.”
Corbett launched his campaign in September based on five core principles: a commitment to the people of Noblesville to make their city government more transparent, inclusive and responsive; a commitment to maintain our small town values, emphasizing responsible development, a preference for locally owned businesses, and a dense and thriving urban core; a recognition that historic preservation isn’t something to be tolerated but something to be celebrated and promoted as an economic and cultural development strategy; a sense of urgency in infrastructure development, gaining ground that’s been lost over the past decade; and a healthy respect for the taxpayer, who is currently paying some of the county’s highest taxes.
“The outpouring of support since our campaign launch has been truly remarkable,” says Corbett. “People are ready for change.”