FISHERS - Fishers Fire and Emergency Services will temporarily change its apparatus location from fire station 92, located on 116th St. and Brook School Road.

Mold has been identified in the station and has led Fire Chief Orusa to move the firefighters from the atmosphere until the mold has been removed for the safety of our personnel.

Until repairs are completed, Ladder 392 will be moved to Station 96 located on 104th St. and Florida Road. Engine 392 has been moved to Station 95 located on 131st and Promise Road.

Officials believe this is a short-term solution that will create a minimal response issue while protecting firefighter's safety.

Testing results due back in the next 48-72 hours will give officials more specific information on the type and extent of the mold, as well as options to mitigate it. Should this become a substantial repair, plans are already in place to move alternate housing in so the department can return firefighters and apparatus to their district as soon as possible.

Currently, air quality monitoring shows the sleeping quarters to be greater in mold spores than is "typical" in a building, while outside the sleeping area, readings are "normal" or "typical."

Remediation has already begun on the bunk room. The spore readings have reduced in the 24 hours of initial action.

When testing shows it is safe to return firefighters to the station, that change will be made. It is hoped firefighters will be back in district by the weekend.

In addition to station 92, all the Fishers fire stations will be tested to assure a safe working atmosphere for firefighters who live on station for 24 hours at a time.