Photo providedNoblesville Schools’ 2017 Innovative Teachers of the year Allison Larty (left), Tricia Schreck, Kelly Badget and Derek Ruble.
Photo provided

Noblesville Schools’ 2017 Innovative Teachers of the year Allison Larty (left), Tricia Schreck, Kelly Badget and Derek Ruble.

Noblesville Schools has named four educators as 2017 Innovative Teachers of the Year. The winners are:

• Kelly Badget, kindergarten at Hazel Dell Elementary

• Tricia Schreck, 5th grade at Stony Creek Elementary

• Derek Ruble, 8th grade social studies at Noblesville East Middle School

• Allison Larty, Spanish at Noblesville High School

The teachers were nominated by their peers and were then selected for the honor by a committee of teachers and administrators.

One teacher was chosen to represent each academic level: (grades K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8 and grades 9-12) and selection focused on teachers who best exemplify Noblesville Schools' mission and vision. The teachers selected are regularly demonstrating new and exciting ways to connect with their student learners through innovative techniques that spark curiosity and empower students.

Some examples include:

• Kelly Badget is data savvy and personalizes instruction for her students. She teaches in a kindergarten "technology infused" classroom and is a learner herself, continuing to read and grow professionally.

• Tricia Schreck embraces a growth mindset, always seeking knowledge and ways to improve her teaching practice. She uses STEM activities to allow students to get to know each other, and to see how they solve problems, take risks and work together. She also builds community with her class through daily discussions on thought provoking topics.

• Derek Ruble has "gamified" his 8th grade social studies classroom, designing a culture that engages his students. It has cut down on late assignments and created a classroom where students want to come to his class to learn.

• Allison Larty is often looking for ways to encourage her students to speak, learn, and understand Spanish in her classroom. She recently requested virtual reality equipment for her classroom so she can truly immerse her students in the cultures from around the world that speak Spanish.

The winners were presented a laser engraved award made by Noblesville High School students and a $250 professional development grant. Their names will also be engraved on a plaque displayed at the district administrative headquarters.

The announcements were made as part of the Miller Shift Learning Showcase event, where faculty and students across the district displayed approximately 70 interactive accomplishments aimed at highlighting the Miller Shift learning experience. Miller Shift is Noblesville Schools' term to describe their unique instructional style. It's the "shift" to a new way of educating students for the world of tomorrow and emphasizes soft skills, making real-world connections, and learning through doing, so learning is deeper, collaborative and relevant.

Noblesville Schools employs approximately 650 teachers.