Well, we’ve made it to the end of another year and it’s time once again to honor our Notable Nineties, as well as our Sensational Centenarians. (Much as I would like to take the credit for coming up with the “Sensational Centenarians” tag, that belongs to a source who prefers to remain anonymous.)

If you have any corrections to the list, please let me know. 

If you have any additions, that’s even better!

Remember, to become a Notable Ninety, you don’t have to have a long, impressive resumé. Jerry Snyder, who originated the list several years ago in her Times column, “Now and Then,” felt that any Hamilton County resident who managed to make it to the age of ninety deserved to be recognized for that achievement alone. I’m just carrying on Jerry’s tradition.

I do ask, however, that a specific request be made to put a name on the list. I don’t care who does it — it could be a friend, a relative, or you could tell me yourself. I just want to make sure that I’m not letting the cat out of the bag when somebody would rather keep their age private.

While most names seem to get added in January right after the entire list is published, don’t worry if your 90th birthday isn’t until later in the year. Just tell me about it when your birthday rolls around. I recognize Notable Nineties in the column all year long.

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to our Notable Nineties!

Opal Artman

Anne Boone

Elmer Bosworth

Joe Burgess

Jimmy Castor

MIldred Emma Castor

Evelyn Chance

Robert W. “Dub” Clark

Clifford Collins

Eunice Collins

Patricia Hall Shaffer Collins

Anna Davis

Buell Dillon

Rosanna Dunn

Imogene Duvall

Clifford Eckles

Dr. Jim Fleck

Gwen Galbreath

Naomi Gang

Jean Geren

Betty Gerrard (Betsy Birdwhistle)

Rosemary Godby

Bettie Hammack

Billie Jo Harger

Frances Haskett

Avanelle Hattery

Edna Hecht

Beverly Howard

Frances Hughes

Mary Johnson

Opal Johnson

Howard Kenley

Ernest Kitterman

Helen LeCount

Emalou Leonard

Eileen McClellan (100+!)

Marie McGuire

Phyllis Mendenhall

Virginia Miller

Frances “Fran” Morris

Mary Ruth Musselman

Helen Nelson

Elsie Olvey

Melford Pearson

Martha Pickett

Mency Ponton

Nola Pyle

Rex Randall

Albert Rees

Chlora Beth Rees

Cathy Rodgers

Bernard Roudebush

Lorena Shively

Phyllis Stackhouse

Katheryn Thompson (100+!)

“Jo” Esther Waltz

Bernard Weiner

Anna Whittaker

Betty Williams

James Williams

Harriet Wise

Philip Wise

Wayne Yancey

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