Scarlet Lane Brewing Company of McCordsville and Horrorhound have teamed with the Hamilton Town Center Goodrich 16 IMAX theater to launch the monthly Midnight Movies series of screenings.

The screenings will take place on select weekends with the first showing kicking off 11:55 p.m. April 7 for the screening of The Void.

Midnight Movies will host the only available Indiana screening of The Void about Cloaked, cult-like figures trapping a police officer, patients and staffers inside a hospital that is a gateway to evil.

Movie critic Tom Huddleston says of The Void: "A gloriously unfettered throwback to the wild days of '80s horror."

The Midnight Movies will also play host to events sponsored by Scarlet Lane Brewing and Horrorhound throughout the year; including Horrorhound Weekend prizes, Scarlet Lane Indie Film Project supported screenings, shorts and previews, and various other special events.

You can follow Midnight Moves on Facebook to stay updated on movie showings and get your tickets to The Void on the Goodrich 16 Theater site