Victoria Spartz, newly elected District 20 State Senator, said Indiana has 49 competitors (states), not just six in the Midwest.

"I am a huge believer in free enterprise and competition. So, now I will have 49 competitors (not just 6) to worry about. Our state needs to be a 'lean machine,' and perform key functions well and implement some corporate advances in internal controls, risk assessment and cost efficiency," Spartz said.

The 38-year-old Noblesville resident was the choice of District 20 precinct committee men and women, voting Wednesday to replace Luke Kenley, who will retire Sept. 30

Spartz spent her career in various financial leadership positions working with Fortune 200 companies and Big 4 public accounting firms throughout the U.S. including in Indiana. She currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Indiana Office of Attorney General.

She has been a volunteer, coordinator, President of the Hamilton County Federated Republican Women and Vice-Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party. Victoria currently sits on the 5th Congressional District Republican Central Committee.

"We have great leadership with great vision at the state, so I will be a part of an excellent team which is moving our state to the next level. I am very humbled to be part of this process and also so honored in the trust that my fellow precinct committeemen have in me. It's a huge responsibility, but we must succeed," Spartz said.

Some of her competitors congratulated the Ukrainian-born Spartz following her election.

"I want to congratulate Victoria on her victory. She will serve District 20, Hamilton County and the State of Indiana well," said Joe Morris. "I thought that the State GOP did a great job, and I want to thank the precinct committee men and women for being kind, respectful and attentive in this caucus."

Morris said he appreciates the voters' efforts.

"I'm grateful for their time, kind words and consideration. This was my first time doing this as a candidate and they were very fair and encouraging to me. I greatly appreciate that," he said.

Candidate Dan Schmidt also passed along congratulations.

"I congratulate Victoria on her appointment as the next state senator for District 20. She will represent our community well," Schmidt said. "The Statehouse can be challenging, but it is an amazing place to work. I am confident that Victoria will quickly earn the trust and respect of fellow Senate colleagues, and I wish her all the best."

Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Kyle Hupfer also congratulated Spartz.

"On behalf of the Indiana Republican Party, I congratulate Victoria Spartz on winning (Wednesday's) caucus to fill the vacancy that will come following State Senator Luke Kenley's planned resignation," Hupfer said.

He praised Kenley's 25 years of service.

"Senator Kenley has been a valuable member of the Indiana Republican team for two decades, expertly guiding our budgeting process by ensuring that the hard-earned dollars of Hoosier taxpayers are spent wisely. His wisdom and insight will be missed," Hupfer said.

Hupfer also expressed confidence in Spartz' readiness for the position.

"I am confident that Senator-elect Spartz will hit the ground running and quickly become a valued asset in the State Senate as we continue to provide leadership and results for every Hoosier taxpayer and family," he said.

Spartz complimented the six other candidates.

"I am very proud of our Republican Party and dedication of our precinct committeemen. They are the core of our constitutional republic. I also think it's great to have healthy competition in the election process and was very glad to see that so many great candidates stepped up and ran very strong campaigns," she said.