CARMEL, IN - April 5, was National Caramel Day, and Werther's Original asked caramel lovers nationwide how they pronounce their favorite treat: ker-uh-muhl or kar-muhl.

The national survey results are in and ker-uh-muhl takes the honors with 57 percent of Americans using the three-syllable pronunciation.

The city officially became Caramel (ker-uh-muhl), Indiana for the day in honor of the Werther's Original National Caramel Day celebration.

"We wanted to celebrate National Caramel Day with the residents of what some might consider caramel's namesake town. Of course, Carmel, Indiana was the perfect place," said Meredith Suffron, director of marketing for Werther's Original. "Regardless of how caramel fans pronounce it, we hope they celebrate with Werther's Original today."

The results of the survey uncovered regional trends in pronunciation, with ker-uh-muhl being the most popular pronunciation in the Northeast, South and West, and kar-muhl coming out on top in the Midwest:

• Northeast

57 percent ker-uh-muhl

43 percent kar-muhl

• Midwest

43 percent ker-uh-muhl

57 percent kar-muhl

• South

64 percent ker-uh-muhl

36 percent kar-muhl

• West

58 percent ker-uh-muhl

42 percent kar-muhl