WESTFIELD - Westfield Washington Township, in partnership with Westfield Fire Department (WFD), has purchased a second LUCAS Chest Compression System for WFD. A device which is proven to save lives in an emergency.

The LUCAS Chest Compression System assists first responders and paramedics by providing effective and uninterrupted chest compressions on sudden cardiac arrest patients. With automated CPR the fatigue, individual variations or psychological factors are removed from CPR and there is no longer a need for shifting CPR providers every two minutes. Rescuers are freed up to focus on other critical life-saving tasks, such as ventilation, medication and defibrillation, which leads to an increased focus on cardiac arrest management.

"As our Township and City continues to grow, unfortunately, so do our WFD runs and emergency situations," says Danielle Carey Tolan, Westfield Washington Township Trustee. "It is imperative we have the latest life-saving technology so that we can provide the best possible assistance and care to our residents in their time of need," says Tolan.

The LUCAS Chest Compression System has been in use since 2003 and not only helps save lives of patients but helps protect the safety of emergency personnel. LUCAS allows rescuers the ability to sit firmly, belted and watching over the patient while transporting a patient. "This purchase is an all-around win-win for everyone involved," says Tolan.

For additional information, please contact Danielle Carey Tolan at the above listed contact information.