WESTFIELD - The Westfield City Council has approved new speed limits per a traffic study

The updated signs have been installed and are currently being enforced by the Westfield Police Department.

The speed limit updates are as follows:

• 169th Street from Ditch Road to US 31 updated to 35 mph

• David Brown Road from US 31 to Union Street updated to 35 mph

• 186th Street from Kinsey Avenue to Wheeler Road updated to 35 mph

• 191st Street from Tomlinson Road to East Street updated to 35 mph

• East Street from Hoover Street to 191st updated to 35 mph

• Tomlinson Road from 191st to 203rd Street updated to 40 mph

• Park Street from Poplar to Mill Street changed from 30 mph to 20 mph

• 191st Street from Spring Mill Road to Tomlinson Road changed from 45 mph to 35 mph