Robert Raymond Rodewald, 91, of Noblesville, passed away on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019 at Riverview Health in Noblesville. 
Robert wrote:
"If you are reading this in the paper, I'm gone. But let's start at the beginning. I was created by two happy Socialists, Helmuth and Hjordis Rodewald, arriving on Nov. 15, 1927 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, the Great Depression reared its ugly head, causing massive problems for about every adult, but no big deal for this roust about preteen.
Living in Socialist Milwaukee in the 1930s was like living in Disneyland. Out and about, starting at three years old, I had beautiful parks, massive swimming pools (with diving boards), a super zoo, and dazzling Lake Michigan, all within walking distance of my home. In the Winter, the city would build skating rinks at possibly every third schoolyard, with warming huts. What's not to like? Having my Dad's street car pass on the weekends made it even better.
In 1939, the Big War started in Europe, ending the Depression, but creating all kind of jobs for this eager teenager: Caddy at 12 years of age, Pinsetter at 13, Busboy at 14, Fry-cook at 15, Iceman at 16 (does anyone remember the cards in the front window telling the Iceman how large a piece of ice was needed), Steelworker at 17 (I had to join the Steelworker's union for this one), and Taxicab Driver for the rest of my school life.
At this point, I met Charlotte, the first of my three beautiful wives. She accepted my proposal with one caveat: 'You will return to the University of Wisconsin and complete your Engineering Degree.' Three years later, we married and quickly had our three kids: Sue, Bob and Jim.
The U. of W. degree provided a path to Ralph Stahl of Stahl Engineering, and 55 years of selling Lindberg Heat Treat Furnaces: The best job that the Good Lord ever created.
With the loss of Charlotte, my life took a big dip, but was brought back to normal with my second wife, Pauline, who added two more kids to my growing flock: Mike and Trish.
Stahl Engineering provided enough income to start three small businesses, travel the world, and buy an RV to see all the states.
Another dip occurred with the loss of Pauline. The Internet came to my rescue and gave me Carmela, my present delightful wife and super companion. Carmela also gave me my last child, Karen, her husband, Jeff Mallaber, and their special family.
Along the way, there were little things that made my day: flying an airplane, skiing a mountain, snorkeling and spearing two lobsters with one shot, bidding and making a grand slam, sailing my little boat, and playing drums in the 60-piece Shrine band (what a blast!)
Finally, after watching, listening and enjoying my eight grandchildren, and surely my four great-grandchildren (and counting), I'm convinced I'm immortal."
No services will be held. Robert's family has entrusted Randall & Roberts Funeral Homes with his care.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Humane Society for Hamilton County, 1721 Pleasant St., Suite B, Noblesville, IN 46060.