Dear Editor,

This letter is primarily addressed to non-Christians, who may read the ‘Joy in the Journey’ column each week and get the impression that all Christians agree with and believe what they read there.

There are many of us who believe that God's plan for man, is far superior to what man thinks is the right way to live. He knew that a man's attributes and a woman's attributes, combined in marriage, create the perfect foundation for a home and family.  

We believe God's Word is His owner's manual for the human race. He shows us the right way to live and warns us of the dangers of the wrong ways. When He says homosexuality is an abomination, "Leviticus 20:13" and "Romans 1:27", He has our well-being in mind. He knows that lifestyle is detrimental to man, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as destructive to children brought up in a home, without the benefit of a mother and father.  

The Church is analogous with a normal human family. The father is the head of the family and loves all of the children equally. He has guidelines and behavior standards that all family members are expected to conform to for their own good, as well as harmony and healthy growth of all the family members. The older siblings are expected to be role models for the younger and take a role in helping them develop physically, mentally and spiritually. If one of the siblings gets off the track and into error, the father uses appropriate steps and measures to get the wayward one back on the right track. He knows that if the wrong is left unattended to, it can negatively affect the whole family.

-Charles Kirkman, Noblesville resident