Dear Editor,
As Christmas approaches, this time of year should be a lot more than twinkling lights, mistletoe and presents wrapped up in pretty bows. This time of year causes some of us to sit back and reflect upon what is really important in this life. Everyone has a different opinion about what the most important thing in life is. For myself and many caregivers, it is time, and the gift of time with those we love.
My husband and I were married on March 9th of this year, shortly after we learned that he had a benign brain tumor. On March 12th the doctor’s removed most of the tumor but found that it was indeed malignant. Our lives and the lives of those close to us changed immediately. My husband and I began concentrating not only on what we could do to extend the quantity of his life but the quality of his life was of up most importance.
He and I decided that the most important thing was to love and support each other as much as humanly possible because our love was the most beautiful thing we knew. Every day, every hour for ten months, I loved him unconditionally and worked endlessly on making sure that he had everything he wanted and needed. 
As caregivers, we go beyond what a nurse or aide or volunteer can give because we are filled with compassion and love for the person that we are taking care of. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend the last years, months, days or hours with someone who is dying of a terminal disease. I am so grateful that I was able to leave my job and stay home to care for my husband. The precious memories that we have had together during sickness and health are irreplaceable. 
Throughout the year, especially during Christmas, please remember that time is of the essence and the time we have with one another should be used to love one another, embrace each other and make memories. Time and love are the truest gifts God can give. Thank you God for that time.
“In this life we cannot do great things.  We can only do small things with great love.” -  Mother Teresa
-Angela Agnew, Noblesville