This is an exciting time for our community. For the first time in a generation, we have an open contest for mayor — no incumbent, no presumptive heir, just four candidates who have submitted their applications for this position. And now it is time for the citizens of Noblesville to decide who to hire as the next mayor to serve our city. I believe my proven leadership and experience make me the right leader — the right woman — at the right time for Noblesville. 

First, as mayor, I will respect yesterday. I grew up two blocks from the square. Nothing says home to me more than walking south on 9th Street to the square. However, the square of today is not the same as when I sold Girl Scout cookies or delivered newspapers, and we can’t, and don’t, want to wrap it in shrink wrap. But we do need to ensure as things evolve around our authentic historic square that we don’t detract from the embodiment of our hometown values that draws people to our community.  

Second, I will strengthen today. To me that means an intentional plan for expanding and improving our infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewer) as well as supporting our first responders, which includes appropriate facilities and compensation. Another part of that leadership is being intentional and strategic about where and how we grow. When we use city dollars, we need to have a plan on where to spend them and how to get the best return on our investment.

Finally, I will lead us to tomorrow. Our community has grown significantly – from the 5,500 here when my parents arrived in 1966 to the more than 62,000 today. As mayor, I will work to ensure that all resident voices are heard, and all citizens belong. As I’ve shared before from our Noblesville Diversity Coalition work, communities thrive when citizens feel a sense of love, security and belonging. I believe in re-establishing a benchmarking process that involves all Noblesville residents, creating a collaborative spirit that carries our city into the future. 

We have an opportunity with this election to evaluate our processes and make sure we are being efficient with taxpayer dollars. I will take that opportunity to make sure our city government is meeting the needs of our citizens … whether you have been a resident for five generations or five weeks. Our citizens deserve a mayor who embraces transparency and understands the need for a proactive strategy and vision. To that end, I have not accepted contributions from developers or those that do business with the city of Noblesville to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. My loyalty will always be to the citizens of Noblesville.

From my 12 years as an elected public servant on the Noblesville School Board, I have learned the value and importance of collaboration, and I commit to you that I will bring that lesson to city hall. I’ve been committed to Noblesville long before I announced my candidacy for mayor and chose to return here to raise my own family and serve the community I love. 

Noblesville will always be my hometown, and if I am fortunate enough to be elected, serving as mayor will be the only job I will have on my mind every day for the next four years. I humbly ask for your vote on May 7 for Julia Church Kozicki to make sure your voice is heard.

-Julia Church Kozicki, Candidate for Noblesville Mayor