Dear Editor,
We all have flipped our calendars and have noticed that on March 8, Americans are forced to abide by taking an hour away from their sleep to support daylight savings time. Isn’t it time to end this nonsense? There may have been a time when daylight savings time was useful but we don’t need it now. I ask, “why do we have to do this?”
I recall when changing times was considered fast and slow times and when we are forced to move our clock up an hour each spring, we are being forced to “speed it up” - get up and get going or you will be late to wherever you are headed the next day. I personally don’t like to be told to move faster just because someone wants me to lose an hour of sleep. Messing with our body time clock is dangerous health wise and can cause many vehicular accidents the next morning after we change our clock. May I remind you of the bus driver and one child who died the day after the hour change in Indianapolis a few years ago.
Americans need to demand this nonsense of jumping forward each spring be stopped. Indiana needs to stay on one time zone and remain there as well as the entire nation.
Mari Briggs