To the Editor:
I was pleased to see someone is paying attention (Legislative Paralysis in Washington DC, Oct. 18).
Everyone should vote, and we should all be paying attention to what happens after the election, too. Why? Because since the last election, we’ve seen a series of proposals that would gut effective anti-poverty programs.
Here’s a not so trendy caption for social media, but “the struggle is real!” Often misunderstood, poverty isn’t the eye of the ghetto, but the face of someone even closer to you than you’ll probably realize. Remember, when someone declines your invitation to the baby shower, or some other special event, it doesn’t mean they didn’t want to support you. Of course, bringing the coolest gift to your party would be super cool, but paying for basic necessities; such as food, clothing, or shelter is already a struggle to some.
On November 6, it is very critical to make sure the new Congress should not just protect programs that work, but push for effective, bipartisan policies to tackle wealth inequality, boost access to affordable housing, and support more people to get ahead. Every Hoosier should be the heart of policies that combat poverty here in Indiana and across the country.
-Maxine Thomas, Noblesville