Dear Editor,
In addition to a continuing Indiana issue involving the ridiculous high cost of licensing and registering a motorcycle which none of you have acknowledged or addressed I now find and read that Indiana is requesting along with 17 or more other Republican governors additional refugees for resettlement. This lack of limited logic appears to be the rationale, regardless of overall additional taxpayer cost . . . Additional cost to schools, assimilation cost, housing assistance, local taxpayer-supported social cost if any, etc. etc. are not being considered. And indications suggest the resettlement non-profit agencies are most likely the driving force ...How can that be? Not a real surprise since indications suggest with each resettlement person a fee is paid by the federal govt of $2,100-plus and of this about $1,000 is kept by the non-profit per info from the Tucker Carlson Show. What a deal . . . follow the money, as they say.
Also was my understanding that states could opt out of the refugee resettlement fiasco if desired, but not so for Indiana as we requested additional refugees for our state!
Regardless of one's position regarding refugees etc etc I think all can agree that transparency is not in the cards with this deal at all . . . such a deal . . . for some entities!
Jim Williams