Hamilton County and the cities within it, are named time and time again ‘Best Place to Live’ and ‘Safest City.’ If there were a title for ‘Most Giving’ or ‘Helping People in Need,’ I believe we should strive to snag those titles also. My point is: we are blessed and lucky to have so many people that dedicate their lives to helping those with serious need in Hamilton County. 

If you’re stumped by how to get started, find your passion, and what really touches you at a meaningful level. There is likely a group (non-profit, etc) that can help match your gifts with those in need.  A great example, for me, is The Good Samaritan Network (GSN), run by Nancy Chance, and an large network of tireless volunteers. GSN provides Holiday Assistance and direct care for Hamilton County residents when they have nowhere else to turn. The Holiday Assistance Program includes: Holiday food, clothing, toys, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve meals, etc.) for countless
individuals and families. And the need continues to grow. According to Gleaners, “1 in 8 Hamilton County residents are food insecure.” 

‘Giving back’ means something different to everyone. Find your passion. Everyone has their own talents, strengths and connections that enable them to give back and make a difference. This holiday season, I’m asking you to take time to make an impact in someone else’s life.

For me, giving back to the community is even more important than designing a new building, signing a new economic development deal or even the next election cycle. There is a TRUE need and opportunity for residents to help others. Thank you, Hamilton County residents, for continually making our County the best!

To learn more about The Good Samaritan Network (GSN) visit: www.gsnlive.org/events-opportunities

-Darren Peterson
Noblesville Resident
President of Peterson Architecture
Noblesville City Councilman