Dear Editor,
Senate Bill 131 will soon be crossing over to the Indiana Legislative House for committee hearings and approval of being a posted addition with our national and state flags in public and private schools’ classrooms and libraries. I support this addition with the two flags. Our children need to know the history of our Republic and how “In God We Trust” came to be a national motto on our coins and public buildings.
In God We Trust firstly came about in the last stanza of our National Anthem written by Frances Scott Key during the war of 1812. During the Civil War, many religious leaders sent letters of sentiment to the Secretary of Treasury to place the motto on coins which would most likely be passed on both sides of a war torn United States. It was a form of reconciliation and healing after the war and well accepted.
With the events occurring in our country today which is polarized, this small gesture may bring about some sanity to Hoosiers. Contact your Indiana Representative and tell them to vote YES on Senate Bill 131. If we cannot trust in God, who can we trust?
Mari Briggs