Dear Editor,
I am writing to you today because I am thrilled to see current Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt will be the Republican nominee in November 2020. I have no doubts that he will win re-election and will continue to lead Hamilton County responsibly, with taxpayers in mind.
Hamilton County is flourishing under the leadership of people like Mark Heirbrandt. Since becoming commissioner, he has always focused on the needs and desires of those within the county. He has been proactive in enhancing training for both firefighters and police officers, and has always worked to stay educated on the latest technology in the public safety sphere.
Mark is also constantly working to assess our traffic needs for the future. Already, construction is beginning on SR-37 to attend to traffic concerns. Once construction is finished, the corridor will become an economic hub and reduce commutes. He continues to prepare our county for a growing population and successful future.
I will continue to give Mark my unwavering support as he campaigns for re-election, and urge you to do the same.
Ted Lobdell