Dear Editor,
Millions of low-income renters are under threat of eviction and homelessness. COVID-19 has cost millions of Americans their jobs. When people cannot work, they cannot pay the rent. The Aspen Institute estimates that without action from Congress, over 30 million low-income renters at risk of losing their homes.
There appears to be some bipartisan support in Congress to provide emergency rental assistance and enact a national moratorium on evictions. This will help renters stay housed and landlords get paid. But the White House is stalling. And President Trump's executive action on evictions is just smoke - it doesn't stop evictions nor provide any new funds to help people pay rent.
It's time for congress and President Trump to resume negotiations now and enact a COVID-19 deal that includes $100 billion in emergency rental assistance and a national moratorium on evictions.
David Plasterer