Dear Rep. Schaibley:
I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy. The historic times we're living shut down the Hoosier State Press Association office for a bit, which delayed my writing of thank you letters to legislators.
HSPA would like to thank you for meeting with us on H.B. 1005, authored by you. The bill was a health care costs bill. It contained language calling for notice, but not specifically a published notice. HSP A pointed out the lack of clarity in the language, but you said you were fine if the notice was conducted through an agency's website. HSPA also suggested you might at least want to include language requiring notice to the media concerning a proposed public hearing outlined in the bill. Schaibley said she would consider the idea, but the language was not added.
The bill died when it failed to get a vote on the House floor due to other issues with the bill.
I look forward to working with the General Assembly during the 2021 session, which will surely be a busy one following this year's events.
Take care,
Stephen Key
Executive Director and General Counsel
Hoosier State Press Association