Dear Editor,
On November 6, 2018, the owners of Noble Industries plan to VOTE YES to the Noblesville Schools 2018 Operating Referendum Question.  
Noble Industries has been in business since 1970 and typically we are ALWAYS for lower taxes.  Lower business taxes help us create new jobs and continue to invest in new equipment and operational efficiencies.  However without successful schools, the workforce suffers. 
Paying teachers a competitive wage that matches or surpasses other school districts in the state and providing for the safety and security of our children are two areas in which we believe must be supported.  We will trust that Superintendent, Dr. Beth Niedermeyer, the staff and School Board will act prudently and be frugal with the additional tax resources they are given. 
We are proud of the research and work the school has done to quickly identify areas of improvement and wholeheartedly support the tax increase to protect our students and staff along with continuing to invest in our teachers, who in return invest in our children. 
Brenda Parker Snyder & Greg Parker, Owners of Noble Industries, Noblesville