Dear Editor,

Last year Senator Ruckelshaus and Senator Greg Taylor were discussing support for a “Hate Crimes” bill. This year the bill has been heard in committee hearings and was set to go until an amendment was added deleting the “List” to a “bias” crime bill. I support the latter. In making a list of groups of people to protect from discrimination most likely someone will be left out unless you add subtitles under the race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender identity and the LGBT. Did I get the list correct? Did I include everyone? See how difficult this is? There should be one or two words in the bill to be a “catch all” for all Hoosiers.

Now speaking of hate, I have never experienced more hate acclimatio's, affiliations, associations, acclamation, abuse, bullying, lies, threats, harassment, disrespect, hostility, prejudice, animosity and the list goes on toward our president. And it continues on. Our president is experiencing the true meaning of “hate” from a percentage of our American and non-American populace. We should add his name to the list if our Indiana Legislature is going to vote on a “List”.

-Mari Briggs, Sheridan resident