Dear Editor,
Indiana Highway 32 is the designated highway for semi traffic for both Noblesville and Westfield. It was not a problem when the towns were small and the area was agriculture. Now that the population of both cities has grown so much with a lot of vehicular traffic, the problem of how to support this roadway is finally being discussed.
Noblesville and or the county approved an extension of Pleasant Street to the west of White River to divert semi traffic. That diversion would not help Westfield unless highway 38 would substitute the designated route for semi traffic. And growth is starting to take effect along Hwy. 38 to US 31. Indiana State Department of Transportation can only make that decision as I was told at a candidate’s forum of Noblesville city councilpersons.
I made this suggestion then and I will make it again. We have a perfectly built four lane divided highway that is already built and can serve the purpose of transporting heavy semi traffic within and across Hamilton County from Interstates 65 and 69. That roadway is 146th Street also known in the olden days as Gray Road.
Why not use this route and alleviate the cost of building a new road and the cost of destroying designated historical neighborhoods, National historical buildings in Westfield and community supporting businesses for a new by-pass roadway?
Mari Briggs