Dear Editor,
The COVID-19 tests. Do these tests have the ability to indicate the beginning of the virus, the middle part or even the tail end within a person? This information would greatly affect the number of days in a quarantine.
What is the common denominator of people who get really sick and others who pass away? Possibly the common denominator is with people who religiously get a flu shot every year versus those who do not take the flu vaccine? The COVID-19 could be attaching to the previous flu vaccines within a person which makes them sick or takes their lives. Is there data available to support this question and would it be brought forward to the public?
On our college campuses, the students are being tested more than once and in my opinion being used as guinea pigs. Why must this portion of our population constantly undergo testing? It has been indicated that these tests have included more information about a person than is necessary such as DNA and ancestry. Why is that information being collected? What and who are the someones really after with all of this collective information?
We would be better off just riding the tide and let natural immunity take its course for the planet population. How different is this virus versus all other flu viruses? I welcome truthful answers to all of these questions.
Mari Briggs