Dear Editor,
Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. It was handed to him on a platter made of criminal collusion, lies, cheating election workers and supervisors, machines that flipped the candidates voted for and mail-in ballot fraud. How could he have won when he rarely came out of his hideout, the basement? At the very few rallies he had, only a handful of people came compared to thousands that attended the Trump rallies. Lady Gaga was hired to try and inspire the ones who did come while boat and vehicle parades supporting Trump in many states were happening around the country.
During the debates which were poorly run, each candidate over spoke each other trying to make their points. Not enough time was allowed for each to express their ideas. Opening and ending statements of three to four minutes were needed for each candidate. Moderators were not neutral. Many questions were demeaning and personal. The ones that needed to be asked were not asked such as ‘packing the courts’, violence in our cities, de-funding the police and no law and order’. Also left out were serious questions about China which is a threat to the entire planet. What shall we do to stop China with their spread of Communism? Taiwan?
Our president had a red wave flowing across our country on election night and then in the wee hours, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia starting flipping from red to blue. What happened here? We all know. The someones were diligently flipping or throwing out Trump votes for Biden. And Biden accepted this deception. This shows you what kind of character he has. And this deception is how he would run our country with no support for Middle Class working Americans, supporting the Green New Deal and allowing anyone into our country with open borders just for starters.
Everyone, please keep your signs and flags up for our president!
Mari Briggs