Dear Editor,
The (televised) political ad depicting Hamilton County circa-1956 making accusations against Jerry Torr and Todd Huston is incorrect with issues of that era and the clothing worn. Women wore house dresses, little girls wore dresses with collars and sleeves and most men did not wear suits unless it was Sunday after church. The newspaper is correct in getting the news and most children were not involved with adult conversations. The issues of guns at schools, women's health and the gay community was not on radar at that time. If someone was gay we most likely did not know it and there was no discrimination; most families had guns in their homes being so close after WWII and most likely not in schools and women’s health was not a big issue. Doctors were paid with cash back then after appointments. Just to note - a lot of young boys in later years driving pick ups had their shotguns on racks in their back windows and no one cared or freaked out. The issue of guns at schools is to protect law0abiding gun owners who store them in their locked vehicles in the parking lot of the schools– not in the schools.
Mari Briggs