Our president gave an eloquent 46 minute speech on December 2, 2020. He was sincerely pleading to the American people about the situation at hand, and the consequences of this very tainted election.
In the beginning, he explained how he has been attacked continuously since his inauguration with the Russia Collusion, the 48 Million Dollar Muller report, and the false impeachment scenario and was found innocent of the crimes.
His main purpose of this speech was focusing on the 2020 Election fraud. Our president was ahead in the race around 10pm but in the wee hours the numbers changed. Models showed the jump for Biden in Michigan at 6:31 am and in Wisconsin at 3:42 am.
It was found that Republican poll observers were also abused and even forced out of the counting rooms while the fraud was happening. The state of Georgia lied about a busted water pipe and shooed everyone out of the counting room except for four women who pulled out suitcases hidden under the tables and proceeded to add the illegal ballots with no observers. In other states ballot harvesting was evident. There were mail in ballots coming from commercial addresses, voting by dead persons, voting with the same person’s name over and over, opened unfolded ballots that were fed into the machines more than once, no signature checks and a Dominion machine that was programmed to flip Trump votes for Biden. Where did these ballots come from and who delivered them at the last moment? Who are the someones who made the decision to cheat all Americans in this election?
This election is so corrupt and the many who are involved in its corruption, are jeopardizing the security of our nation and disenfranchising the votes of all voters, whether you voted for Trump or Biden. When you take an election away from the American people, you allow the voice of freedom to die.
Mari Briggs