A lot of my friends are angry with me for supporting Victoria Spartz, and some may never talk to me again. That's sad, because I really value the relationships I built in this country over twenty years and don't think politics should come between us.
However, I do feel that it's right – and my right -- to vote for Victoria, who is at her core a non-politician.
Even though she has been in politics a few years, she remains the same Victoria I've always known, dedicated and wanting to help people. She will never change her principals or sacrifice her beliefs for political gain.
She has already accomplished everything else on her own. In spite of what the paid opposition says, she doesn’t need money or seek popularity. She is in it for the right reason. She does know how to fix things, because that’s what you do when you run a business or work a farm or build a family.
Victoria Spartz is trying to improve our government. However, a lot of people are in politics for unhelpful reasons, and we need to change that, or truly we have no future. It is that simple.
Whether you are a Republican or Democrat (I have been a registered Democrat since I became a citizen in 2001) doesn't matter. What matters is that we need people like Victoria who are brave and committed to people, NOT to the party they represent or the president or special interests or anything else, but to our children and their futures. Please think long-term before you cast your vote.
Victoria Smith
Noblesville, IN