Dear Editor,
Indiana broke record COVID diagnoses every day last week. On Monday, we had the most cases ever diagnosed on a Monday, same for Tuesday, etc. But Indiana does not live in a bubble, and a global pandemic requires a global response.
According to the Stop TB Partnership, covid-related disruptions to health services could cause an additional 6.3 million cases of tuberculosis and an additional 1.4 million TB deaths around the world in the next five years. Unlike COVID, this isn't new, we know how to cure it, and we need to ensure that all the progress we've made trying to eliminate it over the last few years wasn't for naught.
I'm asking Rep. Andre Carson as well as Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young to fight for the new COVID-19 Response package to include no less than $20 billion to help fight coronavirus and protect access to healthcare in low-income countries.
Brendan Bow