Dear Editor,
Writer Ginger Claremohr wrote an excellent article “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate” depicting the situation of parents today when it comes to their children’s future health by vaccinating. It seems the medical industry tries to make children more perfect by creating vaccinations to add to their bodies.
My grandfather who was born in the 1880’s said the less you inject into your body the healthier you will be. There are 70 doses of 16 vaccinations imposed on our children today. As a child I had only two vaccinations; the polio vaccine and the small pox. My generation became naturally immune to all childhood diseases by either being exposed or enduring the disease. This natural immunity is with my generation today and I believe we should go back to natural immunity for all children.
Writer Claremohr has made a valid point about parents being the only barrier for protecting their children from harm. I support her position on questioning each and every vaccine that is proposed to be injected into our children. Parents want healthy happy children to grow and become viable adults. Parents should not be threatened about making healthy decisions for their children and made to feel guilty if they say No. And children who are not vaccinated should not be barred from attending schools and other public places because they are not vaccinated. Just because a child or adult is not vaccinated does not mean they automatically have the disease passing it on to others as proclaimed by the Media.I say prove it and it would be impossible to prove this myth.
I believe when a baby is born they are perfect. Yes, they may be born with some genetic problems inherited through their DNA or our environment but why add health problems to babies forcing unnecessary vaccines onto them especially at such a young age.
Our populace should be asking hard questions about what are in these vaccines and are they really necessary. The health industry, the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies should be giving truthful answers to these hard questions. And my question is: are vaccines helping our population or are they just supporting a profit margin for the industries at hand?
Submitted by:
Mari Briggs