Dear Editor,
Westfield’s election turnouts have not been good. The May primary was a new low with only 7% because Mayor Andy Cook did not have an opponent. This gave the outsiders victories with very small numbers. Andy has a Libertarian opponent Tuesday November 5. Mayor Cook’s record is of phenomenal success!
Please turn out to vote November 5 for Andy Cook, a man of vision who has rescued Westfield from mediocrity. Andy’s vision from the beginning has included bringing citizens into making decisions such as WeCAN that seeks experts to answer HOA leaders’ issues including trash service that profoundly brought down its cost, the Grand Junction Task Group that grew from eight to over 200 participants and met hundreds of times over the last 12 years to solve old downtown's failings. Andy appointed Westfield’s first Parks’ Director to design and build our first parks and trails -and look at us now !
If it weren’t for Mayor Cook we would not have our world famous Grand Park that pays its own expenses. Grand Park has attracted numerous commercial developments -our best tax payers that pay for our good streets, snow plowing, highly qualified staff and a police base at every school. You talk about transparency; the budget and financial data are published up to date 24/7 on the City’s website; OpenGov Financial Transparency Portal. He has held the line on taxes that the State sets at 1% plus the referendums that you voted for —it may be a surprise to you that the State does not allow the tax rate to go higher nor lower than that. The City’s expert finance staff attracts businesses that pays school taxes and provides jobs. Therefore the Westfield Washington School bonds will pay off in a few years. The Mayor and School Superintendent regularly have friendly meetings. Westfield crime rate is low and Police and Fire Departments have high morale.
Please remember to vote for Mayor Andy Cook on Tuesday November 5. The opponent's inexperience and record would lead to disaster.
Mic Mead