Dear Editor,
I am writing this to Congress about our ongoing fiscal crisis and requesting that you use your office and influence to enact real structural change to our Federal budget. I am expected to manage my affairs, both business and personal, in a manner which is functional and sustainable and my government should as well. I live in Noblesville, where the median household income is roughly $74,681 and the debt load is $168,958. If my neighbors and I were to budget like the Federal government, that debt load would be a staggering $424,522. I have to point out that the debt number I am using as the average, and includes debt free households as well as borrowers and is likely much higher in reality. Imagine two teachers starting their first jobs in Noblesville with over $400,000 in debt.
Here are a few numbers that highlight the absurdity of our current fiscal policy.
2017 Noblesville USA Federal Government Round numbers
Median household income $74,681.00 $59,039.00 $3,561,451,000,000.00 $100,000.00
debt $168,958.29 $133,568.17 $20,245,000,000,000.00 $568,448.08
DTI ratio 226.24% 226.24% 568.45% 568.45%

Debt number using the Government's Ratio $424,522.71 $335,606.06
If the Federal budget looked like the average household in the USA, our debt load would be $8,057,326,387,890.55. That is a 60% difference between government and personal financial stewardship. Let’s put this another way, if you hired me to run your business or your campaign and I brought you numbers that looked like our government’s, you would both fire me and have me arrested.
Walter Setmeyer