From Positron in Noblesville to Ener1 on a national stage, failures are being celebrated.

There used to be a time in this country when people rooted for success, not failure. There used to be a time in this country when people worked to get off of unemployment, not stay on. There used to be a time when pride was more important than negativity.

Apparently not so much now.

Opponents of Mayor John Ditslear in Noblesville as well as opponents of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have been quick to cheer when both Positron and Ener1 ran into legal problems of late.

Here's the thing. No economic development plan is perfect, batting a thousand. The process of economic development, like many things in life, is hit and miss. Some would say that economic development is more art than science. You may have all the facts and figures on your side, but if the right person is not at the helm making the pitch, an economic development proposal may well fall flat on its face.

It is the opinion of this newspaper that Gov. Daniels, Sen. Richard Lugar, Mayor Ditslear and others deserve a pat on the back for their efforts. Neither the city nor state came out worse for the wear and we hope that the negativity does not hamper future economic development efforts.

We suspect that those in charge have thick enough skin that some petty political squabbling won't slow them down. Thank goodness for that.