Tuesday, residents of Noblesville and Noblesville Township will go to the polls and make a decision that will affect Noblesville schools for years to come.

The schools are asking voters to support a referendum to expand the Noblesville High School main campus and renovate the current freshmen campus so it can be used as the new Noblesville East Middle School. That will allow freshmen to return to the main campus. The total cost of the project is just under $40 million.

Noblesville schools have the ability to sell the current Noblesville East Middle School building to Hamilton County so it can be used as the new Ivy Tech campus coming to Noblesville and Hamilton County. The school system will receive $14.5 million for the sale of the building.

The total amount of the referendum will be $28 million.

The schools continue to see growth. In 2000, Noblesville Schools had 6,634 students. Today they have 9,659 students. They are projecting to have 10,800 students in the school system.

Currently the high school is at 89 percent capacity. School officials have said that the current classes getting ready to start high school over the next few years are larger that the classes that are set to graduate over the same time frame.

While it is a fair question to ask the schools why more foresight wasn't used when the new high school was built less than two decades ago, The Times believes voters need to support the referendum. While no one jumps up and down about paying more in taxes, it is necessary to continue to provide high quality education in Noblesville. Bricks and mortar do not assure that outcome. But the sale to Ivy Tech and getting students in better locations make this worth doing.