The Hoosier Crossroads Conference had a few teams jump spots Friday. With Avon's 62-57 victory, the Orioles move to the fourth spot at an even 2-2 record. Westfield suffered their fourth conference loss and remain in eighth place.

They were just five-points away from their first win, however, thanks to Ian Kristensen and Aaron Bennett's offensive performances Friday. Kristensen led the team with 21 points (around his average), while Bennett came out of the shadow with four 3-pointers and 14 points. Jonah Welch contributed nine rebounds.

The second quarter was the clincher for Avon. The other three quarters were neck-and-neck but the Orioles came out on top headed to half, which ended up winning them the game.

Westfield (3-10) has a quick turnaround, playing host to Lebanon in a home game tonight.