The Times photo by Maria Leichty 
Jack Waitt (3) hit four 3-pointers Tuesday, leading Sheridan with 14 points.
The Times photo by Maria Leichty
Jack Waitt (3) hit four 3-pointers Tuesday, leading Sheridan with 14 points.
SHERIDAN - The Sheridan boys basketball team rallied in the four minutes of overtime to overcome their first-round Hoosier Heartland Conference tournament opponent Carroll (Flora), 54-45.

Jack Waitt and Cam Weitzel boosted the Hawks with some key 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

"Both of them have hit big shots like that in the fourth quarter before," Blackhawk head coach Chris Schrank said. "I think they're getting comfortable and knowing if they have a clean look, it's catch and shoot."

Waitt hit his second '3' at the end of the third quarter to give Sheridan their first lead since the first quarter. He hit another to start the fourth as the momentum slid from the Cougars to the Hawks.

"It's a big momentum swing and it got our guys going a little bit more and energized us the rest of the way," Schrank added.

The fourth quarter was a flurry of '3's as Carroll responded to Waitt and Weitzel with three '3's of their own to give the Cougars a 39-38 lead with three minutes left. A Waitt layup, and-1 was reversed by a questionable charge call, but Carroll missed the free throw. Sheridan's Nick Burnell did not miss his, however, going 1-for-2 to tie the game and send it into overtime.

Weitzel hit the first '3' of OT and Sheridan didn't look back. They hit key free throws down the stretch to extend the lead to nine points before the buzzer.

The team was averaging about 62 percent from the line and had gone 4-for-9 in regulation. Drake Delph, Weitzel and Waitt went 7-for-8 in OT to help their team to victory.

"We made them when we needed to which is what mattered at that point," Schrank said. "Those were big to stem their tide in overtime."

The tide had been in Carroll's favor since Sheridan gave up their 7-0 lead in the first quarter.

"I don't know why we waited so long," Schrank said. "I wish we quit doing that. Our energy was not there through most of the game."

The Cougars had an eight-point lead at the start of the second half which slowly diminished as Sheridan took charge in the third quarter. Nick Burnell's six points and Tommy Glidden's five points in the quarter brought the Hawks back into the game.

"We talked about it halftime - talk is being nice, I lectured," Schrank said. "We went away from the things we practice everyday. But they did more of that in the second half, offensively."

Cougar Trey Filbrun baffled the Sheridan defense, though, going 4-for-9 from the arc and finishing with 18 points.

"We weren't great defensively," he said. "We lost track of that Filburn kid and let him get clean looks."

The team will face Clinton Prairie (12-3) Thursday in the HHC semi-final and Schrank said he wants to see a different team.

"We'll have to play 32 minutes better than what we did in four quarters of this game," he said. "But I think our guys will be up for the challenge."

The two faced off at the beginning of the season and Clinton Prairie won 72-57. Tipoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Sheridan.