Photo providedNoblesville's Esma Taylor was third overall in the Lady Millers' three-way gymnastics meet with Franklin Central and Scecina.
Photo provided

Noblesville's Esma Taylor was third overall in the Lady Millers' three-way gymnastics meet with Franklin Central and Scecina.
The Noblesville Girls' Gymnastics Team inched closer to a .500 record with a 96.05-83.625 victory over Scecina Thursday.

The Lady Millers fell to Franklin Central 101.8-96.05.

On Vault leading the way for the Lady Miller's was Senior Esma Taylor with a score of 8.625 placing third for the team. Senior Maddie VanBuskirk places seventh with 8.35 and freshman Olivia Mangin eighth with 8.325.

"We continue to be very solid and consistent on vault, which is right where we want to be as we prepare for the big sectional battle next weekend," said Jody Ramey, Noblesville coach. "We can always count on our vault team score to be in the 25's or low 26's which helps our team with our weaker events."

On Bars, leading the way for Noblesville was freshman Grace Kwiatkowski, second with a score of 7.875. Senior Ronnie VanBuskirk placed third a score of 7.85, and Taylor, fifth with 7.525.

"Bars is still one of our weaker events. We had some trouble this evening with some missed connections. We have added in some higher value skills and changed some of our bar routines around, which will help us create a higher team score on bars as we prepare for sectionals, but as we work towards this we have yet to be consistent on our changes. I am confident that this changes in the end will help get our bar scores up and will be key in to helping our team advance to the Regional competition," Ramey said

Taylor finished fourth on Beam, scoring 8.1, Ronnie VanBuskirk was sixth with 7.55, and Ellie VanBuskirk placed eighth with 7.125.

"We were a little 'shakey' on beam. I was disappointed in some of our falls and missed connections. We are able to land these skills so well in practice but have trouble making them in competition. As we prepare for sectionals next week, it is going to be imperative that we are just as solid in competition as we our in our practices. This is certainly our goal for the next week in practices and we will do what it takes to make it right," Ramey said

Taylor led the Lady Millers on Floor, scoring 8.425, and placing third. Junior Lauren Murray was fifth with 8.25, and Ellie VanBuskirk placed sixth with 8.05.

"We did pretty well on floor this evening. We were able to add in more difficulty into our routines and were able to preform those skills well," Ramey said. "I would like to see our team score on floor at least in the 25 range and today our team score on floor was a 24.725 which is not far off from our goal. If we can stay consistent on floor and take out some of our missed connections, we should have no problem keeping our scores where we would like them to be."

In the All-around category, Taylor finished third with a score of 32.675, while Ronnie VanBuskirk scored 31.325, and Ellie VanBuskirk finished seventh with 29.650 and Freshman Olivia Mangin placed eighth with 27.975.

"Over all the team had a great night with one win and one loss. As we have our eyes on peaking at the sectional competition next week, we look at this competition as a practice for the big competition," Ramey said. "I am proud of all the girls as they added new skills and higher value tricks into their routines, whether we made them tonight or not, it is important to have competed them in a competition. Of course, we still have work to do, as an athletes work is never complete, we are determined to work together as a team to do what it takes to move on the Regional competition as a team."

The Lady Millers travel to Lafayette Jefferson High School Feb. 25 for the Indiana High School Athletic Association Sectional competition starting at 11 a.m.