The Boys Tennis Program hosted a group from Special Olympics Hamilton County (SOHC) on Monday evening for a tennis clinic. The boys went through drills with the SOHC athletes, played games with them and instructed them on the fundamentals of tennis. Coach Lustig reported that he and his coaching staff stepped off the court, and allowed the team to run the clinic. "The boys had a blast, and it was a fantastic evening," said Lustig.

Junior tennis player, Zander Klekovkin, who has been involved with SOHC and 'Champions Together' since his freshman year, helped to organize the event. "I love how happy playing sports makes these athletes. It's great when you can teach them a new skill and see the smile on their face."

Klekovkin said that some of his teammates were a little nervous about working with this group, and encouraged them that by being kind and showing them the attention that we all want and deserve will make it fun.

Klekovkin went on to say, "this experience really allows us to appreciate the gifts that God has given us, and appreciate the gifts that everyone has."

Junior Ellie Harrington, who runs Guerin Catholic's "Champions Together" program with Klekovkin said of the boys, "the athletes enjoyed the event and the boys did a great job making them feel included!"