1. First place sectional winners in each event qualify for the state meet. 
2. Any contestant who equals or betters the state time standard in their respective event in the consolation finals or championship finals of the sectional qualifies for the state. The state standard may not be achieved by a swimmer who is competing as the first leg of a relay.
3. The next fastest number of contestants in the state that would bring the total number of state meet entrants to 32 in each event. In the event that a tie exists for the 32nd position, the tie shall stand and both swimmers shall advance to the state championships.

1. First through fourth place sectional winners will qualify for the diving regional.
2. First through eighth place regional winners will qualify for the state finals.

200 Medley Relay 
A - Final
1 Carmel: Colleen Duffy, Grace Estabrook, Meredith Berglund, Avery Williams 
2 Westfield: Molly Ruggles, Erin Verbrugge, Katherine Hand, Mia Herzog 
3 Noblesville: Jordan Cooley, Sammy Huff, Caitlin Marshall, Abby Harvey 
4 Hamilton Heights: Rachel Sanqunetti, Emily Lester, Claire Sloderbeck, Tara Holder 
5 Western: Delaney Lupoi, Jenaka Hawkins, Emma Shoemaker, Grace Lupoi 
6 Maconaquah: Abby Shrock, Janet Johnston, Allee Nethercutt, Bailey Hays 
7 Tipton: Mackenzie Hoover, Mary Ankrum, Abby Retz, Cassie Hoover 
B - Final
9 Northwestern: Lauren Longshore, Sasha Jocius, Ann Bourff, Kayla Campbell 
10 Eastern: Kristina Standish, Samantha Everling, Lauryn Shane, Dayle Matheny 
11 Kokomo: Morgan Reecer, Haley Salinas, Emily Griggs, Rachel Wyrick 

200 Freestyle
A - Final
1 Kelly Pash, Carmel 
2 Ashlyn Underhill, Carmel 
3 Kendra Bowen, Carmel 
4 Rachel Sanqunetti, Heights
5 Kerry Effinger, Westfield 
6 Gillian Cripe, Noblesville
7 Brooke Haflich, Noblesville
8 Tina Berger, Noblesville
B - Final
9 Lauren Martin, Westfield 
10 Lauren Rowe, Westfield 
11 Alaina Simmons, Maconaquah 
12 Addison Reckard, Kokomo 
13 Sophia Pate, Western
14 Allison Osborne, Heights
15 Erin Stiner, Tipton
16 Brittany Lucas, Kokomo

200 IM 
A - Final
1 Trude Rothrock, Carmel
2 Katie Dougherty, Carmel
3 Erin Verbrugge, Westfield 
4 Rachel Young, Carmel 
5 Sammy Huff, Noblesville 
6 Katherine Hand, Westfield 
7 Jordan Cooley, Noblesville 
8 Elizabeth Mulanax, Noblesville 
B - Final
9 Tara Holder, Heights
10 Sydney Ruggles, Westfield
11 Jenaka Hawkins, Western
12 Mackenzie Hoover, Tipton
13 Catalina Dunasky, Guerin
14 Gwen Ronnau, Guerin 
15 Lucy Uhrick, Heights
16 Janet Johnston, Maconaquah 

50 Freestyle 
A - Final
1 Grace Pangburn, Carmel 
2 Alyssa Conley, Carmel 
3 Colleen Duffy, Carmel 
4 Grace Lupoi, Western 
5 Mia Herzog, Westfield 
6 Madison Cleaver, Kokomo
7 Abby Harvey, Noblesville
8 Sophie Carmosino, Noblesville 
B - Final
9 Lily Hunter, Westfield 
10 Mary Cline, Guerin 
11 Claire Sloderbeck, Heights
12 Anna Borden, Maconaquah 
13 Bailey Hays, Maconaquah 
14 Sarah Hayes, Noblesville 
15 Abby Retz, Tipton 
16 Madeline DiFlora, Westfield 

1 Meter Diving 
1 Alaina Heyde, Carmel 
2 Jordyn Feiwell, Heights
3 Emma Toomey, Carmel 
4 Raygan Plothow, Maconaquah 
5 Natalie Tubb, Maconaquah
6 Emma Abdalla, Guerin 
7 Taylor Jackson, Westfield 
8 Sarah Montgomery, Maconaquah 
9 Bailey Haworth, Heights
10 Grace Helms, Carmel 
11 Taylor Pierce, Tipton 
12 Gabby Sanburn, Westfield 
13 Kaitlyn McGraw, Kokomo
14 Camber Fillenwarth, Northwestern
15 Caitlin Coy, Heights
16 Megan Phifer, Tipton 

100 Butterfly 
A - Final
1 Trude Rothrock, Carmel 
2 Meredith Berglund, Carmel 
3 Avery Williams, Carmel 
4 Caitlin Marshall, Noblesville 
5 Katherine Hand, Westfield 
6 Molly Ruggles, Westfield 
7 Ava Wettrick, Noblesville 
8 Bri McBride, Noblesville 
B - Final
9 Ryleigh Poe, Heights 
10 Kendall Wilkes, Westfield 
11 Abby Retz, Tipton 
12 Danielle Hunckler, Guerin 
13 Ann Bourff, Northwestern 
14 Kristina Standish, Eastern 
15 Grace Bourff, Northwestern
16 Allee Nethercutt, Maconaquah 

100 Freestyle 
A - Final
1 Kelly Pash, Carmel 
2 Ashlyn Underhill, Carmel 
3 Rachel Young, Carmel 
4 Grace Lupoi, Western 
5 Kerry Effinger, Westfield 
6 Madison Cleaver, Kokomo 
7 Lily Hunter, Westfield 
8 Gillian Cripe, Noblesville 
B - Final
9 Abby Harvey, Noblesville 
10 Delaney Lupoi, Western 
11 Claire Sloderbeck, Heights
12 Sophie Carmosino, Noblesville 
13 Anna Borden, Maconaquah 
14 Riley Howe, Westfield 
15 Bailey Hays, Maconaquah 
16 Stephanie DeLancey, Guerin 
500 Freestyle 
A - Final
1 Kendra Bowen, Carmel 
2 Katie Dougherty, Carmel 
3 Hannah White, Carmel 
4 Caitlin Marshall, Noblesville 
5 Tara Holder, Heights 
6 Tina Berger, Noblesville 
7 Brooke Haflich Noblesville 
8 Ryleigh Poe, Heights 
B - Final
9 Lauren Martin, Westfield 
10 Lauren Todd, Westfield 
11 Kendall Wilkes, Westfield 
12 Alaina Simmons, Maconaquah 
13 Addison Reckard, Kokomo 
14 Sophia Pate, Western 
15 Clare Cline, Guerin 
16 Erin Stiner, Tipton 

200 Freestyle Relay 
A - Final
1 Carmel: Grace Pangburn, Samantha Waples, Rachel Young, Maggie Love 
2 Westfield: Kerry Effinger, Lily Hunter, Molly Ruggles, Mia Herzog 
3 Noblesville: Abby Harvey, Sophie Carmosino, Emma Snyder, Gillian Cripe 
4 Western: Jenaka Hawkins, Delaney Lupoi, Emma Shoemaker, Grace Lupoi 
5 Maconaquah: Rachel Little, Riley Jones, Alaina Simmons, Anna Borden 
6 Hamilton Heights: Allison Osborne, Tiffany Williams, Lucy Uhrick, Emily Lester 
7 Guerin Catholic: Danielle Hunckler, Gwen Ronnau, Kate Swack, Stephanie DeLancey 
8 Tipton: Cassie Hoover, Mary Ankrum, Halina Baranowski, Erin Stiner 
B - Final
9 Kokomo: Madison Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Brittany Lucas, Addison Reckard 
10 Northwestern: Ellie Hendrickson, Livi Hale, Kayla Campbell, Madelyn Millikan 
11 Eastern: Samantha Everling, Ella Kantz, Addison Ream, Brittney Eckart 

100 Backstroke
A - Final
1 Erin Verbrugge, Westfield 
2 Colleen Duffy, Carmel 
3 Taylor Conley, Carmel 
4 Sarah Myung, Carmel 
5 Rachel Sanqunetti Heights 
6 Mia Herzog, Westfield 
7 Jordan Cooley, Noblesville 
8 Molly Ruggles, Westfield 
B - Final
9 Mary Cline, Guerin 
10 Bri McBride, Noblesville 
11 Kyra Smythe, Noblesville 
12 Delaney Lupoi, Western 
13 Mackenzie Hoover, Tipton 
14 Abby Shrock, Maconaquah 
15 Lydia Jones, Maconaquah 
16 Allison Osborne, Heights 

100 Breaststroke 
A - Final
1 Grace Estabrook, Carmel 
2 Sammy Huff, Noblesville 
3 Alyssa Conley, Carmel 
4 Sarah Jarding, Carmel 
5 Jenaka Hawkins, Western 
6 Rachel Tat, Noblesville 
7 Elle Herzog, Westfield 
8 Emily Lester Heights 
B - Final
9 Elizabeth Mulanax, Noblesville 
10 Lexi Hall, Westfield 
11 Madeline DiFlora, Westfield 
12 Catalina Dunasky, Guerin 
13 Lucy Uhrick, Heights 
14 Emma Shoemaker, Western 
15 Janet Johnston, Maconaquah 
16 Cassie Hoover, Tipton 

400 Freestyle Relay 
A - Final
1 Carmel: Ashlyn Underhill, Trude Rothrock, Kendra Bowen, Grace Pangburn 
2 Noblesville: Gillian Cripe, Caitlin Marshall, Sophie Carmosino, Sammy Huff 
3 Westfield: Kerry Effinger, Katherine Hand, Lily Hunter, Erin Verbrugge 
4 Hamilton Heights: Claire Sloderbeck, Tara Holder, Ryleigh Poe, Rachel Sanqunetti 
5 Maconaquah: Bailey Hays, Allee Nethercutt, Janet Johnston, Anna Borden 
6 Tipton: Mackenzie Hoover, Erin Stiner, Cassie Hoover, Abby Retz 
7 Kokomo: Madison Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Shelby Wells, Brittany Lucas 
B - Final
9 Northwestern: Livi Hale, Kaylynne Fernandes, Kayla Campbell, Madelyn Millikan 
10 Eastern: Dayle Matheny, Lauryn Shane, Ella Kantz, Brittney Eckart 
11 Western: Rachel Zentz, Natalie Thomson, Sophia Pate, Lauren LaFever