Over 1,000 archers ranging from World Champions to beginners will come to Grand Park Aug 3 to compete in the 2017 JOAD National Target Archery Championships, the US Open, and the 133rd US National Target Championships.

The three archery competitions have more athletes registered than ever before, including Olympic, Paralympic, and World Champion archers from all over the country.

"As of right now, we have over 1,100 archers registered for the event," said Sarah Bernstein, media and communication specialist for USA Archery. "This is a record for us, and we are excited to see the sport continuing to grow."

The 2017 JOAD National Target Championships is an event for youth archers that is held on the same dates and in the same location with the 133rd U.S. National Target Championships. The JOAD National Target Champion is named based on the combined results of the qualification and elimination rounds. There is also an optional team round.

The 133rd U.S. National Target Championships is an event for Senior and Master Age classes. The National Target Champion is named based on the qualification rounds. Eligible USA Archery members and guests are combined together for U.S. Open elimination rounds.

There are no specific qualifications to compete in the three top-level archery events, resulting in a wide-range of skill levels, from beginners to world champions. Athletes can compete in within any of the ten divisions. Divisions are broken down into categories for guest athletes and members of USA archery.

The divisions are: barebow, barebow guest, compound, compound guest, compound open, recurve, recurve guest, recurve open, V.I., and W1.

"In terms of difficulty, this is the maximum distance at which outdoor competition takes place," said Sheri Rhodes of USA Archery. "Distances are based on age and bow type."

Archery is different than most of the team, contact sport competitions held at Grand Park.

"In many ways archery is very similar to golf," said Rhodes. "It is just the athlete competing against himself and the conditions that are present at the event - wind, rain, heat, etc. However, as we shoot with other people on the same target, there is still a very social aspect to competition."

Recent championship events have been held in Alabama, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Hamilton County Sport Authority presented a bid to USA Archery, and Grand Park became the host of the 2017 USA Archery championships.

"Grand Park was selected based on the strength of the bid that was submitted," said Rhodes. "It is a wonderful facility."

USA Archery sanctions hundreds of events each year including state championships and local and regional events. It also sponsors Indoor and Outdoor National Target Championships, Collegiate National Championships, Field National Championships, and new this year, 3-D Collegiate National Championships. USA Archery holds the United States Archery Team (USAT) event series each year, which consists of four events used for national ranking.

A full list of participants and schedules can be found online.