The freshman Rocks beat the Millers of Noblesville 21-19 in a hard fought battle between the two squads. Leading the charge defensively, Gabe Arvin found his way into countless tackles, bolstering a strong linebacking corps that also included Zander Nguyen, David Frey, and Ian Watson. In the secondary, Christiaan Huisden consistently made his presence felt, affecting the Miller aerial attack. Kyle Pape at CB made the big play of the game defensively, when he broke up Noblesville's 4th quarter, 4th down pass, giving the Rocks back possession of the ball and the ability to run out the clock.

On offense, the Rocks moved the ball consistently. Highlights included a Nick Talley run for a touchdown and a pass to Mason Piening. Running back. Jack Pfeiffer was a consistency for the rocks, running between and around tackles.

Special teams greatly impacted the game as returner Mason Piening took the first kickoff of the second half back the other way for a long Rocks touchdown. Kicker Sean Sullivan found his way into the lineup, consistently hitting deep kickoffs and setting up the defense with great field position. The big play of the game on special teams was when Sayveion Woods-Dale burst through the Noblesville line to block their extra point after a touchdown.

The Rocks are 3-1 on the season and head to Hamilton Southeastern High School next week, where they will take on the Royals. Kickoff is at 6 p.m. on Monday, September 18.