Tyler career accomplishments include being a 3-time IHSAA State Champion in the high jump and now bringing home a Bronze Medal for Team USA.
Tyler career accomplishments include being a 3-time IHSAA State Champion in the high jump and now bringing home a Bronze Medal for Team USA.

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – Recent Noblesville Miller graduate Shelby Tyler continues to reach new heights. The three-time IHSAA state champion in the high jump recently had the opportunity to compete for Team USA in the XX Pan-American under 20 Championship which took place in San Jose, Costa Rica on July 18-21.

This would be Tyler’s second time representing the red, white and blue. During the competition Tyler competed in the high jump against some of the best young competition the world has to offer. What did Tyler do? Only take home the Bronze Medal for Team USA as she placed third in the high jump as she jumped a total height of 5 ft 10 in.

Team USA placed two of three athletes on the podium during the medal ceremony as fellow teammate of Tyler’s Sanaa Barnes took home the gold after she was able to clear a distance of just over six feet.

Noblesville Head Track and Field Coach Dennis Scheele spoke on what this accomplishment means for Tyler and the Miller program.

“All of us here are really proud of what she’s become,” Scheele said. “It’s a real special honor to be able to represent her country in a sport that she loves. Shelby has always been a top prospect in the track and field world since her middle school years.  She puts in relentless hours of work and dedication to get to where she is today. It’s really outstanding.”

The University of Georgia commit has been called by trainer Bill Craig as “one of the best high jumper’s I’ve ever seen”.

The support that Tyler has received from her parents, Corey and Maria Tyler, has been phenomenal as well as Scheele describes.

“Her support system starts with her mom and dad,” he said. “They have been amazing in supporting her throughout this journey. The amount of traveling that she has had to do has been insane, traveling to all across the world to places like Finland and now Costa Rica, and even across the country to Florida and numerous other states, that can take a toll on someone and her parents have been there every step of the way.”

When asked what’s next for Tyler Scheele could only guess what the future holds for Tyler.

“She just wants to keep jumping higher and higher,” Scheele said. “She is on her way to accomplishing even more great things. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”

For Maria Tyler (Shelby’s mom) she talks about what this journey has been like from a parent’s perspective.

“It’s really been a crazy journey,” Maria said. She has really been blessed with a gift, and it is such an honor to see her accomplish what she has at such a young age.”

Every athlete or parent of an athlete has that moment where they know that their athletic ability is something truly special. For Maria she says that she realized that for Shelby when she was finishing up her middle school career.

“During her seventh and eighth grade year’s she started to jump her height,” Maria said. “That’s when we knew that she could be something special. When she started jumping over her height, it was obvious that her athletic ability was not your average person’s.”

Just a few months ago, Tyler was dealing with tendonitis in her knees. It was then when Maria stepped in and gave her daughter some advice not only to use during competition, but in life as well.

“I told her that life is a series of mountains and valleys,” Maria said. “Just use your faith and something good can come out of everything.”

When Maria was asked what was next for her daughter she brought up something that Scheele did not… the Olympics.

“First we want her to go and get her college degree at Georgia," Maria said. "After that, she could possibly go to the Olympic trials. She knows she has to work very hard for that to be a possibility. Although she will be taught by Petros Kyprianou at Georgia who adds an average of about four inches to his jumpers. It will just be fun to watch her and we will be proud of her no matter what.”