Summers in Hamilton County are busy. Very busy. Very, very busy for those responsible of making sure residents and visitors have their entertainment calendars filled.

It's also a busy time for those taking advantage of the hundreds of opportunities during the summer months to fit in as much fun as possible.

Helping get the information out through its websites, blogs and events, the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau (HCCVB) is ready to help you have a great time.

"I wish I had more leisure time," said Brenda Myers, Executive Director at the HCCVB, a common statement from many this time of year. "Tops on my list (this summer) are catching some of the concerts that happen almost every night of the week. I need to relax more, and I see these as a way to do that. A little picnic dinner, kick back on a blanket, enjoy the summer evenings that I love so much."

She added she was looking forward to getting out to Conner Prairie to see first-hand some of the changes recently completed as well as the various art fairs including the Nickel Plate Arts Weekend, right around the corner.

"What better way, too, to spend a summer's evening than outdoor dining under an umbrella, little glass of wine and some great food," she said. "You can do that in all four of our larger cities. Close by. Affordable. Relaxing. I love, love, love summer."

And you should as well; it shouldn't be a challenge for anyone to find something they enjoy doing this summer.

Judy Erner, Community and Events Manager for the HCCVB, said a challenge for her is deciding which event to attend. With so much happening, such decisions can be challenging.

She said the various concert series are always fun.

"It's great for families and groups of friends," she said. "I also like to go to the different festivals in the county during the summer. Our county fair is a fun time and costs you only the money you spend on food."

Keeping costs down is key as families continue to find ways to stretch their entertainment dollars. With many concerts taking place during the week, the weekends are also packed with activities. No matter what you are looking to do this summer, Erner is confident you will find it in Hamilton County.

"I have found that Hamilton County usually has several different things to do on the weekends," she said. "Lots of my friends take their grandchildren to the water park at Monon Center or to Noblesville to the Forest Park Aquatic Center.  Biking on the different trails throughout Hamilton County is great fun and most of them go along areas that you can stop and grab breakfast or lunch or just a treat.  I really feel blessed to me in a area that has so much to offer."

Karen Radcliff, Deputy Director at the HCCVB, said in addition to the local activities, several national events have her attention including the Dave Matthews Band at Klipsch Music Center in June and the BMW Championships at Crooked Stick in September.

Whether visiting or residing, the county has many draws, both community and national, she pointed out.

"People love to shop and dine and attend special events and attractions in Hamilton County," she said. "Golfers come to Hamilton County from all over the Midwest to stay and play for several days at a time."

Myers also pointed out the appeal of Hamilton County attractions to visitors. Among the biggest are Klipsch Music Center and Conner Prairie but as visitors make their ways into the towns and cities, they find even more to enjoy. Add in youth sports, and there is a steady stream of traffic into the county.

" We have already seen a huge increase in youth sports," Myers said. "We've only seen a weekend occupancy decline one time since the Super Bowl."

Radcliff suggested The Artesian Well in Carmel as a local favorite worth checking out as well as the free summer concerts and many art galleries throughout the county. Using the summer, and the HCCVB, to discover new events, shops and restaurants should be a goal.

"Everyone is exceptionally friendly, so it's hard not to spend money in their shops or restaurants," Radcliff said.

Myers added several other places worth checking out this summer among them Sheridan with several festival this summer including Fireside Tales and a bluegrass festival. Cicero is also slated to feature a bluegrass festival this summer.

She suggested locals check out activities normally frequented by visitors such as the White River canoe/tubing/kayak trips and giant trampoline and zip line at Stoneycreek Farm.

"If you need a break, just need to get out, we have so many hiking trails besides the Monon. Strawtown Koteewi, Cool Creek, White River," she said. "What a great thing to do. Bring a little snack. Take a little break mid-way. Enjoy summer."