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Chris Jensen
Photo provided Chris Jensen

On Wednesday, Chris Jensen announced the workforce and economic development policy pillar of his Noblesville’s Next Chapter Agenda.
“Building Noblesville’s next chapter of economic development depends on building a strong workforce,” Chris Jensen said. “Entrepreneurs, cutting-edge companies, and good paying jobs come to Noblesville for one reason – because our city has the people, families, and community they need to be successful.”

“The best way to invest in our community is to invest in our people,” Jensen for Noblesville Economic Development Co-Chair and small business owner Angie Sutton said. “This plan gives our community the tools it needs to make sure every student and current worker have the opportunity to get the training and skills they need to succeed.”

The Noblesville’s Next Chapter Agenda policy platform is made up of four key pillars that drive Jensen’s campaign: Transforming Public Safety, Protecting and Enhancing Historic Downtown, Strong and Sustainable Workforce Development, and Smart Infrastructure Investment.

“We have an international workforce but we’re especially proud to call Noblesville home,” said Todd Irwin, Jensen for Noblesville Economic Development policy advisor and CEO of BlueSky Technology Partners, a global e-commerce consultancy headquartered in Noblesville. “I’m honored to work with Chris on his mission to keep building a city that has all the ingredients to attract high-tech businesses, talent and jobs.”

The Jensen for Noblesville Workforce and Economic Development plan outlines an agenda for securing Noblesville’s economic future. It is printed below, in full:

Noblesville’s Economic Identity: Noblesville can’t grow unless we know where we are today. The city should identify its economic strengths and weaknesses, and work to build a diverse business portfolio across industries within the city.
Smart Business Growth: Knowing where our city is will point us to where we should grow. Anticipating market and employer needs, and enhancing the tools we use to provide those needs to workers and businesses, will give Noblesville a competitive advantage in proactively attracting high quality jobs.
Pathways to Work: The city should strengthen connections between businesses and job-seekers. Noblesville should work with the high school, at the pre-collegiate and technical tracks, community colleges, and business organizations to create a clear path from degree to job – including creating a jobs inventory database.
Focusing Economic Development: Reorganizing the city’s economic development programs to center on workforce development offers the best way forward for Noblesville. This gives the city its best return on investment, while still allowing the city to lead and provide vision on community-wide development initiatives.