For nearly 20 years music lovers in and around Noblesville have flocked to the parks for the annual summer concert series knowing no matter who takes the stage a good time was guaranteed. This year is no different said Brandon Bennett, Assistant Director of the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department.

This year will feature five concerts at Dillon Park and three at Forest Park. All shows start at 7 p.m. and are free to attend.

"I am thrilled with the Lineup we were able to secure," said Benneett. " I think it will be a great summer for music and this lineup will not disappoint at all."

He admits Hamilton County is a great place to enjoy music and outdoor activities during the warmer months and is proud of the place Noblesville holds among those summer selections. It isn't just a series of concerts, it's part of summers in Noblesville and part of the parks department's mission of community outreach and involvement. The Noblesville Summer Concert series is the longest running in the county at 19 years.

"The series is as important during the summer as ice cream and baseball, two things American's can't live without during the summer," Bennett said. "It is still a great place to meet friends and family and enjoy a free night out in the parks and have a great time. If you like live music like I do, then this is as good as it gets with great local and regional talent."

With years of experience behind them, Bennett said organizers were still adapting the lineup adding new bands, bringing back favorites as well as shifting locations including for the first time there will be more concerts at Dillon Park than Forest Park. The one constant throughout the years is a fun time for the family. Bennett said the department takes pride in successful shows and worked many hours to ensure those in attendance leave with smiles on their faces. Good feedback year after year hasn't left organizers complacent.

" I think we, as the planners are more critical of it, as we should be, than the general public. But we try to listen to what people are saying and take it all into consideration, but we mostly get great feedback," he said. "We try to add, change, improve something every year without taking away the original flavor and brand we have built with it over the last several years."