Dear Editor,
Currently our Second Amendment is under fire and being attacked. Our forefathers had great foresight ability with what could happen in the future after fighting off the British rule. This amendment was so important that it came in second after the First Amendment. I am so grateful for their brilliance in this conception.
Even though it was over 200 years ago, we should protect this right. The Second Amendment is a right not a privilege. This is what makes our country great. The average American citizen has the right to protect himself from harm by being allowed to own firearms. So many countries where firearms were allowed previously, forced its citizens to disarm and what happened next. There was bloodshed and many citizens died from a tyrannical government takeover. The following countries established gun control: Turkey, the Soviet Union, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda, Cambodia, England, Australia, Canada and now New Zealand.
Today America is experiencing mass shootings along with individual shootings across the country. I ask, why is this happening now? I grew up in the ‘50s and ‘60s and we did not experience this. We felt safe. Is it because the men of then were allowed to be men and would stop such nonsense in its tracks, versus people of today being afraid to stand up for what is right when it comes to protecting themselves, families, neighbors and communities?
There is an undercurrent which is raising its ugly head in slowly trying to disarm the American citizenry, especially law abiding gun owners who are not involved in any mass shootings or individual shootings. The Democratic candidates running for the office of President of the United States tout their dislike of firearms and share what they will do if elected president. Why do they want to harm innocent gun owners who are not involved in any shootings? Why are they not intelligent enough to see what is really happening here in our country when it comes to the use of firearms?
What is happening in our country with these mass shootings is a tentacle support to slowly affect our senses that these shootings are being done by individuals who are angry and delusional right wing. In El Paso, it was stated the shooter was against the Latino Community. From the stats from MSM, eight individuals out of 22 were Latino. El Paso is definitely a diverse city of Latinos, along with other ethnic groups, and the shooter did not make his mark. It was also stated by witnesses that there were three shooters. So who is really behind all of these mass shootings? Someone who wants to disarm the American people, that’s who.
If you are an American citizen, what are you going to do to protect the right of the Second Amendment? If we want to remain a country where citizens are allowed to protect themselves from the evil that is trying to take over our country, what are we going to do to keep our country great, as it was intended by our forefathers? I say stand up and fight back against this faction that is trying to harm us as American citizens who love our country as it was intended in the first place.
Mari Briggs